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Referred Pain

Pain is complicated, and complex.  Many times where you are feeling your pain, and where it is coming from are two very different things.

Is your headache a problem with your head? Or is it referred from your neck? OR your sinuses? Or your TMJ (jaw)?

That sore toe you have could be a problem with your low back….. or it could be a sore toe. That ‘shoulder’ pain you’ve had for weeks could be an issue with your neck. (Below is a diagram showing common pain referral patterns from different areas of the neck).






At EMC Physiotherapy, we are highly trained in identifying and treating the source of your problem, rather than just treating your symptoms. On top of this, we can accurately identify the underlying reasons why you have developed this pain.   Is there injury, or inflammation? Do you have underlying muscle weakness, or tightness? Is your posture and activity contributing to your problem? At EMC Physiotherapy, we can answer all these questions and more.

So if massaging your shoulder just isn’t getting rid of your shoulder pain, Feel free to call us on 9297 2555.  We can help.